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About Us

Quest Skills for Life is a unique organisation dedicated to Leadership and Development of young people. Through a variety of programs providing Leadership, teamwork and personal development training Quest Skills for life encourages a wide range of Life Skills and development opportunities available to all.

A Quest Skills for Life experience is a journey where young people are able to develop their potential beyond the classroom. This Journeying ethos with active participation at every stage aims to provide young people with the skills to understand what they have to offer and confidence to put them into action.

A Quest Skills for Life journey empowers young people to take responsibility for their own journeys. Working as part of a team, participants will plan and prepare for, raise funds towards (giving a real sense of ownership) and then lead their own expedition. Taking on real responsibility and decision making as participants are given the opportunity of running the day- to- day management of the journey, reviewing their progress and achievements through their journey all with the guidance of Quest Skills for life quality and professional staff.

Quest Journeys of Discovery will enable young people to be better equipped for life.