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Research & Innovation Staff Exchange

Staff Exchange Program for Outdoor Education Professionals in Australia 2015

The idea which extends from a model based in Europe is called R.I.S.E. Quest Skills for Life's Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) is a short-term program for staff to develop their profession, combining our own standard of excellence with first hand exposure to other organisations and sectors. RISE enables more interaction between industry specific and non-industry specific organisations that highlights networking opportunities, sharing of knowledge and the skills development of staff members. Joel Thompson, our operations manager has spent the last 6 weeks abroad, participating in and extended staff exchange program, most recently spending time with Paul from the Somerset Outdoor Learning Centre and the Urban Challenge in Sydney. "Its been a great opportunity to reinvigorate our approach to short and medium-term staff exchanges" Paul from Somerset said. "The sharing of ideas and knowledge at a National, and even global level, gives our outdoor community the opportunity to re-define the key elements around designing and delivering quality outdoor education experiences for young people" Joel Thompson said. He went onto say "It's been truly a remarkable first-hand experience to learn and share ideas with the leading organisations across our industry, and to spend time behind-the-scenes with such a high calibre of professionals in the engine room, which are subsequently driving the future of the outdoor education community." Paul from the Urban Challenge and Somerset said he is excited about the opportunity that lies ahead and will establish an innovative staff exchange partnership between Quest Skills for Life (VIC) and Somerset & The Urban Challenge (NSW) in 2016 and beyond.