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Quest Skills for Life Team at Mt Bogong - School Camp Training

Company Information

1. Where is Quest Skills for Life located?

Quest Skills for Life has an Office in Apollo Bay, a small coastal town along the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. We do not own or run a static campsite. We run programs in Victoria's most reknowned location. Our camp sites and programs are in partnership with local destinations. 

2. What is Quest Skills for Life's Philosophy?

Quest Skills for Life is dedicated to providing nature based, outdoor education in a fun, themed and unique way. Please visit the 'Our Ethos' page.

3. When did Quest Skills for Life begin?

Quest Skills for Life began in early 2004. The Lighthouse Keepers Quest program was the foundation of Quest Skills for Life. Paul Thompson, an experienced Outdoor professional who has worked with organisations all across Europe to Antarctica wanted to develop a unique learning style in the outdoor environment. QSFL was established.

4. Where did Quest Skills for Life get its name?

The name was given to our organisations as all of our programs are all called ‘Quests’. Skills for Life represents the outcomes that our organisation offers our participants - Education for Life!

5. Who owns Quest Skills for Life?

Quest skills for life is a family owned organisation.

6. How many people work for the company?

We have about 15-20 staff members employed throughout the year. We also have a full time management team of 3. A small organisation with a giant vision.

7. Do you run International camps?

Yes, we run camps in Australia, the UK and New Zealand, and in the past Africa, Borneo and the Himalayas.

Quest Programs

1. Will my Child be in the hands of highly trained personnel?

Rest assured that all of our staff are screened by our panel of representatives before, getting the opportunity to apply to work with us. They then, all have to meet a number of entry level criterion such as background checks, working with children cards and police checks. Once they pass the initial phase, they must also carry relevant Outdoor Education accreditation, whether it be Degree, Diploma or Cert level. As well as carrying a bit of paper, they must also have a vast experience in working with children and students in the outdoor environment. Each of our guides/instructors all know, the program environment of each Quest that we operate.

2. How do I get in contact with you?

Please visit the Contact us page. Failing that, please contact your school directly and they will forward you on to our friendly team here at Quest Skills for Life

3. What type of food do you cater?

We cater to all needs being dietary, religious or medical. We have strictly a NO-NUT policy. All of our food is professionally catered for through our destination partnerships with our restaurants and cafes. We also have a strong focus on healthy eating habits which means your children will not only have the best food but the healthiest too! Please visit our Catering page to find out more about our Healthy Food policy.

4. Where should I purchase equipment if  don't have what i need?

We offer the lowest prices on the best outdoor gear at our online shop. Click here.

5. I have concerns about my childs Medical needs?

Please voice your concerns with the school camp coordinator. This information is very important and our operations coordinator will require this information from the school coordinator. Items such as management plans and treatment plans should be provided. Feel free to get in contact with Quest Skills for Life directly if you want to follow up.