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Food Catering on our School Camps and Programs

Quest Skills for Life Catering

Smart Food Choices

We know that food is one of the most important elements of a school camp or outdoor education program. That is why we have put a lot of ‘food for thought’ into our school camp menus. We have teamed up together with industry food retail leaders to provide you with the best food options for your students. Just like Schools, Quest: Skills for Life has an important role in promoting healthy eating and physical activity to students and providing an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet can improve behaviours critical to educational success and performance at school. Effective educational-based nutrition and health interventions can also help improve academic performance.

Food Catering

Our Food Menu has been carefully developed with commercial restaurant operators to ensure that Quest: Skills for Life encourages the highest nutritional value in foods, the most appropriate and healthiest food choices, and that nutrient criteria has been identified in all food that we prepare and provide, restricting the ‘bad’ or ‘RED’ food groups. All of our food is privately catered for by commercial operators who go above and beyond food and food safety standards. All Food Menus are carefully tailored to the program duration, itinerary, location, expectant weather conditions, environment and the age and gender of the students.

Sample School Camp Food Menu







Breakfast   Toast, scrambled eggs, baked beans, spaghetti, spreads, cereal & fruit juice Toast, spreads,  cereal, fruit, yogurt, muesli, fruit juice Pancakes, maple syrup, fruit, spreads, cereal & toast Toast, spreads, cereal, fruit, yogurt, muesli, fruit juice
Morning Tea   Cafe slice, fruit, muesli bars Cafe slice, fruit, muesli bars Cafe slice, fruit, muesli bars Cafe slice, fruit
Lunch   Make your own salad wraps, cheese, optional tuna/ham/salami* Make your own wraps/sandwiches, cheese, optional tuna/ham/salami* Make your own wraps/sandwiches, cheese, optional tuna/ham/salami* Salad wraps, cheese, optional tuna/ham/salami/falafel
Afternoon Tea Scones, jam/cream
Fresh fruit
Scones, jam/cream
Fresh fruit
Damper (campcraft) Scones, jam/cream
Fresh fruit
Dinner Restaurant Quality Pasta Bake + salads + Garlic Breads Restaurant Fish & Chips with Salad BBQ with salad Restaurant Quality Pizza*  
Desert Apple Crumble with cream/custard + fruit Ice cream + fruit Cake + custard + fruit Cake + custard + fruit  

** Please note this is only a guide for catering on our school camps, some programs have specially tailored menus. All dietary needs can be met whether it be medical, religious or special needs dietary requirements. Even if it means our senior managers hand pick the items from the shelf.

No Nut Policy

Due to the high number of nut related allergies in children, Quest: Skills for Life maintains a policy of no nut or nut derivative ingredients (eg. Nut oil, Pure almond extract, Almond meal) in any food items that we provide to you on our programs. This includes any QSFL supplied dietary substitutes and any food brought in by program participants. This policy assists parents/guardians of students with nut allergies to make informed decisions on the appropriateness of Quest: Skills for Life menu ingredients.

Extras: Seasonal fresh fruit is available all day Milo, Hot chocolate & biscuits/marshmallows are available at supper time Coffee & Tea available all day for adults (Cafe Lattes also available)


Healthy Food Groups

Quest Skills for Life has adopted the Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Policy for our user groups, which means that we can encourage and promote healthy eating by classifying food into 3 categories according to their nutritional value:


These foods and drinks should be encouraged and promoted to students as the best choice and included as a major part of the daily school tuckshop menu. Foods from this category of the food and drink spectrum are the best choices because in general they: are excellent sources of important nutrients are low in saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt help to avoid an intake of excess energy (kilojoules)


Selecting foods and drinks carefully means: reducing the number of AMBER foods and drinks supplied and selecting healthier choices from this category offering some of these foods and drinks only on certain days of the week avoiding large serving sizes AMBER foods are mainly processed foods that have had some sugar, salt or fat added to them. These foods should be selected carefully because in general they: have some nutritional value have moderate amounts of saturated fat and/or added sugar and/or salt can, in large serve sizes, contribute excess energy (kilojoules) Red: The ‘occasional’ foods and drinks that make up the


Category of the Food and Drink Spectrum are based on the ‘extra’ foods as defined in The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. It is recommended that these foods and drinks are only consumed occasionally, because they: lack adequate nutritional value; are high in saturated fat, and/or added sugar and/or salt; can contribute excess energy (kilojoules); can contribute to booth deacay & and erosion.