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Our Ethos

At Quest Skills for Life we realise the strains within the education system and the commitments school staff have towards mainstream education.

Whilst our journeys complement the aims of the National Curriculum, we build on that starting point and address cross curricular areas and personal development of young people which we know from many years experience schools are finding extremely difficult and costly to deliver themselves.

Many other organisations offer a one off experience in Outdoor Education, Rock climbing in the morning or canoeing in the afternoon, that sort of thing, with no real reason for doing the activity. At Quest Skills for Life we specialise in providing Leadership and Development Programs, still with fantastic activities, and not just package holidays. Real journeys with real outcomes.

Every Quest Skills for life program is a journey, whether it takes place over a few days or many weeks. The aim is to encourage young people to take ownership of their journey and to have the opportunity to make real decisions within an environment that gives them the flexibility to do so. Participants can become the heroes of their own journey.

Quest Skills for Life does not offer courses, Quest Skills for Life offers Journeys of Discovery, Journeys of Body and Mind. Journeys which are not only hugely worthwhile and educational but exciting and great fun as well.

Quest Skills for Life quality and professional staff have many years experience working with young people. During this time we have understood that the greatest learning is achieved when young people take an active role in planning their own objectives, working as a team. Participants have genuine ownership, with responsibility to lead their own journey in a flexible environment that allows them the freedom to develop to the best of their ability. By then reviewing these experiences the participants will have a greater learning experience. Our programs are based on the learning model of Plan, Action, and Review.

Being part of a team gives everyone an opportunity to make a real contribution, as journeys of this nature require all sorts of skills not just a head for heights or love of the water. With Quest Skills for Life programs participants can become the heroes of their own journey.