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Cape Otway School Camp Lighthouse Keepers Quest Program
Year 7 Group at the Cape Otway Lighthouse School Camp, Victoria

Lighthouse Keepers Quest Cape Otway

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Lighthouse Keepers Quest School Camp

Location: Cape Otway Lightstation, Great Otway National Park, Great Ocean Walk
Camp Duration: 2-10 Days
School Camp Style: Journey-Based or Residential
The Superintendent of Port Phillip District, (now Victoria) Lieutenant Charles Latrobe has assigned your team the task of manning the Cape Otway Lightstation until the new Head Keeper and his wife (Henry and Maryanne Ford) arrive in a few days time...
Suitable for: Grade 4 - Year 12
Accommodation: Head Lightkeepers House (renovated group accommodation), eco dorms, and camping out in tents
Transport: Provided
Food: Restaurant Quality Fully Catered / Expedition Hiking Menu or Self Catered option
Equipment: Yes


Lighthouse Precinct Cape Otway

Precinct Tours

Theres more to see than just a lighthouse at the Cape Otway destination. You can easily spend a whole day here searching the precinct for hidden activities and attractions such as the WWII Radar Bunker, the Telegraph Station and the Bushtucker Trails.

Bushwalking the Great Ocean Walk Cape Otway camp Quest Skills for Life


Enjoy the tracks and trails of Cape Otway and the Great Ocean Walk. Bushwalk from different activity locations on our Lighthouse Keepers Quest School Camp Program.

School Camp Activity Snorkeling Cape otway  Quest Skills for Life


Experience the Cape from all angles including the sea, in the sheltered waters of Blanket Bay. Look for old shipwreck debris, as well as lots of sea life and plenty of fish. 

Bush Cooking Cultural Activity with Aboriginal Guides

Bush Cooking

A traditional cooking activity where students can hand pick their ingredients from the bush. Using their handmade woven baskets, students prepare a baby snapper with coastal saltbush, mountain pepper berry, native rosemary and warrigalgreens, all cooked inside the lomandra basket on an open fire. A great sequential activity after snorkelling in the ocean!

Horse Riding Cape Otway camp Quest Skills for Life

Horse Riding

Travel like its still the 1800s through Cape Otway and the National park on horse back. An amazing activity that trails along the Coastline with some of the most spectacular hidden views in the park.

Learn about Aboriginal Culture on camp

Spear Throwing

Gain a deeper understanding of local Aboriginal tools and technologies such as the spear. The spear has many purposes including hunting, fishing and combat.

Lighthouse Tour

A tour of Australia's most significant Lighthouse is a totally unique experience. Established in 1848 the light is perched on towering sea cliffs 90m above where the Bass Straight and the Southern Ocean collide. 

Coastal Clifftop lookout cape Otway Quest Skills for Life

Coastal Views

Cape Otway holds some incredible views of a section of coastline that is seen by thousands of International visitors every year! Except we know where the best kept secret spots are!

Setting the scene:

The Superintendent of Port Phillip District, (now Victoria) Lieutenant Charles Latrobe has assigned your team the task of manning the Cape Otway Lightstation until the new Head Keeper and his wife (Henry and Maryanne Ford) arrive in a few days time...

This is the most important of jobs in the whole colony as all new migrants, visiting difnitaries and colony supplies will be relying on the safe passage of all ships through the western entrance of Bass Straight, one of the most hazardous sea passages in the world!


The aim of this expedition is to provide participants with a real experience of Australian pioneer life through the daily challenges and adventures of Light Keepers. This can be tailored to fit the needs, age and experience of the students and desired outcomes of the school.

Every Quest Skills for Life program or journey is tailored to the specific needs of the school and the students that participate.

Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Awareness of early pioneer life in Australia
  • Overcoming problems as a team
  • To understand individual/s strengths and weaknesses in order to work effectively, and enhance self-esteem
  • Successful Teamwork and communication
  • Understanding the role of a leader
  • Develop responsibility, hazard awareness and risk assessment
  • Meet challenges in outdoor activities
  • Gain an understanding of the natural environment
  • Environmental Awareness