Grampians, Halls Gap School Camp - The Dreamtime Quest
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Canoeing Activity on Lake Bellfield
Brambuk Didgeridoo Workshops
Grampians, Halls Gap School Camp, the Dreamtime Quest Program - Abseiling Activity
Grampians, Halls Gap School Camp, the Dreamtime Quest Program
Grampians, Halls Gap School Camp, the Dreamtime Quest Program - Didgeridoo Cultural Workshop
Grampians, Halls Gap School Camp, the Dreamtime Quest Program - Boomerang Throwing Workshop

Dreamtime Quest: Grampians School Camp

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Dreamtime Quest School camp:

Location: Brambuk National Park & Cultural Centre, Halls Gap
Camp Duration: 2-5 Days
School Camp Style: Indigenous Residential or Journey-Based
Theme: This journey of discovery takes place in the remarkable Grampians National Park and gives its participants a true taste of Aboriginal Culture, nature awareness and a better understanding of the ‘Gariwerd’ country. Great adventure and activities!
Suitable for: Grade 4 - Year 12
Accommodation: Dorm, and camping out
Transport: Provided
Food: Restaurant Quality Fully Catered / or Self Cook option
Equipment: Yes
Activities: Rock Climbing, Abseiling, Canoeing, Mountain Climbing, Bushtucker, Boomerang Throwing, Spear Throwing, Boomerang Painting and Canvas Symbolic Art, Mountain Biking, Bushwalking, Campcraft, Welcome to Country and much more...

Setting the scene:

It is a time before white man lived in Australia… A time when the land and the people were one, an exhilarating time when aboriginal people cared for the land in clans, looking after each other. They cared for the land that provided everything and in return the land looked after them. It is the time, after, “The Dreamtime…”


This is truly an amazing experience, where participants will become part of an Aboriginal Band journeying through the Grampians for a Clan gathering where they will perform dances, songs or art of their own journey. They will learn about Aboriginal society and dreamtime lore. Cultural and natural relationships between man and the land that make the Aboriginal culture the great one that it is.


  • Awareness and respect of aboriginal culture, both past & present
  • An understanding of traditional dreaming, society, totems and dreamtime lore 
  • Overcoming problems as a team as they travel through the bush
  • To understand individual/s strengths and weaknesses in order to work effectively, and enhance self-esteem
  • Successful Teamwork and communication
  • Understanding the role of a leader
  • Develop responsibility, hazard awareness and risk assessment
  • Meet challenges in outdoor activities
  • Gain an understanding of the relationship between man and the natural environment