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Safety & Support


Quest Skills for Life is all about learning through experience, but never at the expense of safety. At Quest Skills for Life safety is the most important aspect of our journeys.

Our safety policy is designed to identify and manage risk, reducing it to acceptable levels in all places, and during all activities, without losing the sense of challenge.

Whilst we cannot eliminate risk, all activities are carried out in a manner that ensures that staff and participants are exposed to the minimum risk possible. Mobile phones, radios, satellite phones and 4WD standby vehicles are available where required to facilitate with any eventuality.

There are essentially 3 aspects to our approach to safety, the students themselves, our leaders and our back up systems.

All participants are given training relevant to their planned program or expedition. This will vary from a few hours in the school for programs and several days for those going on expedition. These training sessions among other things will give all an understanding of risk assessments, the environments they will be journeying through and what activities will be undertaken. This is a “hands on” approach with our staff in the classroom and then outside on the playing field and is a great introduction to the students awareness of what to expect and more importantly how to conduct themselves and the teamwork and responsibility involved whilst on their camp.

Our Leaders & Staff
Every camp or program will be lead by a Quest  Skills for Life leader who will be highly qualified and experienced in Outdoor Education, First Aid and youth development. All our leaders are carefully selected and specially trained to manage all elements of our camps and expeditions with emphasis on safety and risk assessment, management and facilitation of the leadership and development nature of every Quest  Skills for Life program. We adhere to all government and industry guidelines for all activities undertaken and adopt “best practice” in everything we do. Our staff and consultants have led groups all over the world and in all environments and we are very proud of their achievements. Nothing is left to chance!

24hr Back up & Support
Our back up and support systems are there to ensure the safety of teams and make sure the camps achieve their intended aims and objectives. Depending on where teams are going they will have the necessary communication systems. These could include, satellite phones, epirbs (emergency satellite position system), mobile phones, and various radio systems including UHF, VHF and Trunk Radios.
Every camp also has one of our experienced staff in the area offering 24 hour standby cover and support, with dedicated 4WD vehicles at the ready if required.

Please discuss with our operations team what safety systems and adverse weather back up procedures will be in place for your particular camp and location. We plan for this to ensure your camp is safe and great fun regardless of the weather! Sure our camps can be challenging but we do not want to put young people off their outdoor experience because of adverse weather or conditions.